Roofing Inspections


  1. Detecting a roof leak in time, is a tricky business because nine times out of ten, by the time you notice a leak, it is already too late to inexpensively and effectively fix the problem.
  2. Concealed leaks in the roof areas are the most costly of the lot as this can cause structural damage to the roof structure and supporting walls.  If left unattended and not inspected, you could leave yourself with major costs for repairs.
  3. Detecting roof leaks timeously, will save you a fortune in the long term.
  4. Detecting roof leaks are best done in Winter as they are visible during this time of the year.


  1. Make sure, on inspection, that the Contractor climbs into the roof if there is a pitched roof and trapdoor and uses a lead light and torch on inspection for problems
  2. After locating the problem area it is then easier to access the problem to the external area of the roof.


  1. These faults can be difficult to locate because the Contractor has to go according to his eyesight and thoughts.  This is where you need experienced qualified contractors in waterproofing and construction or a qualified artisan such as a plumber who is registered and accredited for compliancy  for over ten years as they are familiar with climbing in roof areas.  A qualified artisan also does waterproofing and knows how to find leaks.  Steer clear of handymen as you will be looking for problems and fly-by-nights.  Ask for references and do a check up before accepting their Conditions.  Request photographs internally and externally of the problem areas.


  1. Use an experienced Inspection Company who will charge a set fee for an evaluation of the Condition of the house roof area as this will save you thousands of rands and not break your heart when the rains arrive.
  2. Ninety percent of  buyers for residential homes or factories, have no idea of the condition of the roof area  i.e. whether the roof sheets are rusted or have deteriorated or the roof tiles exterior have decayed.
  3. It is up to you as the Purchaser, to be aware of the problems you may be getting yourself into as no one else will make you the wiser.

We at ONE-CALL-FIVE-INSPECTIONS  and ANCHOR ROOFING we  specialize in all the above and will solve any problem.  We will also advise you what you are getting yourself into before you purchase that property.


Residential Roof Inspections and a full report                                                             R850

Factory Roof (up to 1000 sq metres)  inspections and a full report                            R1000
For any major problems, we will submit a free quotation and a full report.

 We provide an annual maintenance roof inspection and touch up to

all visible minor problems:

 Three bedroomed house                                                                                            R1850

Four bedroomed house and larger                                                                             R2500

Factories up to 300 sq metres                                                                                    R1850

Factories up to 1000 sq metres                                                                                   R3500




 Compliance Inspections and Compliance Repairs

 Selling your Property?

We carry out the following Inspections and Compliance Repairs:

Plumbing                                R450     (was R395)

Electrical                               R450     ( was R395)

Gas                                        R450

Beetle Northern Suburbs      R480

Beetle Southern Suburbs       R650

Electrified Fencing                R399


For any major problems, we will submit a free quotation and a full report. Download a request form.

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