Painting & Waterproofing | Anchor Roofing
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Painting & Waterproofing

Do you need a fresh coat of wall / roof paint or help with waterproofing?

Anchor Roofing & Waterproofing offers competitive rates on all painting with over 25 years experience in the industry as well as guaranteed workmanship.

We also offer competitive rates for all Roof Repair & Cleaning as well as Waterproofing requirements in the Cape and Boland areas.

Contact us today and speak to us about your requirements, and we’ll negotiate a quote at affordable rates.


Planning on selling and want your house good as new or need a fresh look? We offer interior, exterior and roof painting services.

Exterior Walls

Are your exterior walls suffering due to damp? We offer re-waterproofing services of parapet walls.


Is the ducting in your building in need of repair, replacement or waterproofing? Speak to us today for quality service.


We do shower tiling with damp prevention, exterior balcony tiling with waterproofing as well as roof tile replacement.


Is your house value deteriorating due to rising damp? We offer leak repair, damp prevention and waterproofing services.